Company foundation

by Günter Amann in 1982 for various embroidery products of the domestic textile industry. At the beginning, the business was specialized in shearing excess threads of embroidery garment items.


From the year 2000

the company invested in a couple of textile processing machines and so the range of services offered was highly increased, too. These were mainly rhinestone-setting and cutting machines for the processing of garment embroidery.

In 2007/2008

a great reconstruction took place, where the company building and the machine equipment put up to the latest and most modern standards.

Since 2019

the family business has been managed in 2nd generation by Vincent Amann. Further developments have now taking place in selling textile products and in digitization.


For decades, the company Günter Amann Textilbearbeitung GmbH has guaranteed high quality as well as reliable work in the embroidery and textile sector.